June 22, 2024

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The beer I wish I was drinking on Christmas Eve

tumblr_n6cxlaUojT1s06it9o1_1280So this beer exists. It is a craft beer, by a home brewer named Kvålity Bryggeri (Quality Brewery?) established in 2013 according to the label. I think this was made in Denmark but I’m not sure. The picture was taken by Bardasbarg on tumblr.

Now how good woud it be to share a case of these with friends and family on Christmas Eve? That would be one helluva stocking stuffer! If anyone has more information on these beers and who brewed them please let us know at: mark@heman.org

Skeletor statue by Pop Culture Shock now up for pre-orders

As of today (Dec 8, 2014), the impressive Skeletor premium format statue by Pop Culture Shock is up for pre-order. Limited to only 375 pieces this is likely to be a fast seller. The sculptor on this is the masterful Alejandro Pereira and as usual Jerry Macaluso is the Art Director, and owner of Pop Culture Shock.

This line of statues is in the 1:4 scale and Skeletor stands at 21.5″ high (approx 53.34cm). For those who are already collecting the line, Skeletor will be a must have piece. For those considering the line, this will be a featured center piece for many collectors. Done in the Filmation cartoon style, Skeletor captures the essence of the villain and stands appropriately on a Snake Mountain terrain base.

The exclusive version of the Skeletor statue is highly customizable and you have the option to switch out two different jaws, an interchangeable staff, axe, and sword. Skeletor is available on PCS’ site for $359.99, though a 12% discount is available for pre-orders where you make the full purchase in one payment, which makes the final price $316.79. The statue ships out in October 2015 (estimated).

Realistic He-Man paintings by artist Dave Rapoza

These brilliant renderings of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe were created by acclaimed artist Dave Rapoza. Included in this gallery are some of his terrific Ninja Turtles pieces too. You can see more of Dave’s work including his ThunderCats movie concept piece here.

MOTU Minis cancelled and subscribers to be refunded

MinisMatty Collector has updated fans via their facebook page to let everyone know that the MOTU Minis won’t be going through due to falling short of their subscription goals.

“MOTU Minis Update: These little guys had a big task and we’re sorry to say we didn’t reach our goal for the 2015 MOTU Minis subscription. We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to all the fans for waging such a good, strong fight. For those of you who did subscribe, refunds will be issued in the next 7-10 business days.

Though we didn’t win the war, the battle for Eternia will continue with our awesome 2015 Classics lineup. The team is also hard at work behind the scenes to bring you exciting new MOTU products, so stay tuned for more info to come!”

The comments from collectors on their facebook page focused on how the minis were priced and marketed. It seems that a lot of people would love to add these little guys to their collection but couldn’t justify the price point when compared to minis of other brands that retail for a great deal less.

One thing that is certain, is that the designs and choices made creatively were not in question at all. This look and feel landed well with fans and it is a shame that we won’t be seeing these little guys on shelves.

Skeletor and He Man featured in new Honda TV ad

honda_ad_page_Car maker, Honda, is appealing to the 30 something crowd to buy their cars by featuring the two biggest stars from Eternia. Skeletor raps in this… it’s pretty cool actually!






MOTU minis subs now in limbo

MinisThe Matty Collector subscription for the MOTU minis fell far short of its November 25th goal, and was only at 40% a few hours from closing. At this point fans have been left to speculate as to whether the goal will be waved and Mattel will attempt to make up the difference by making “day of” sales outside of subs.

The alternative is to cancel the line and absorb the cost of the molds and design / sculpting that went into making the promotional prototypes. Until we get an announcement from Matty Collector these little guys stay in limbo.

Sorceress Statue pose revealed

pcs_sorceress_teaser_full[1]Coming soon from Jerry Macaluso and the rest of the team at Pop Culture Shock (PCS) is The Sorceress. Jerry just revealed in the PCS newsletter, the pose that PCS has chosen and it’s awesome. The base is made up of some curious looking skull ornaments. These are pictured inside Greyskull in the Filmation cartoon though they aren’t iconic by any stretch.

Given that it’d be impractical to make the Greyskul  l throne the base (just far too large) it seems that PCS did their homework and selected these guys instead.

This looks like a wonderful sculpt. As usual the PCS statues are done in Premium Format at 1:4 scale.


Teela’s Quest – episode commentary with James Eatock

teelas_questThe latest episode commentary from the official He-Man channel by James “Bustatoons” Eatock is on the highly rated “Teela’s Quest” which explores the relationship between Teela and her mother the Sorceress.

As usual, we get treated to a lot of great behind the scenes information. Rewatch this great episode with Eatock as your cartoon tour guide.